Green Tip Ammunition: What Sets it Apart From Other Bullet Types

Key Summary:

  • Green tip ammunition is a type of bullet that is designed to penetrate metal or armor
  • It was first introduced during World War II and used extensively by American troops in Vietnam
  • Green tip ammunition is popular among shooters because it is effective at penetrating body armor

What is Green Tip Ammunition?

Green tip ammunition, also known as armor-piercing incendiary (API), is a type of bullet designed to penetrate metal or armor. The “green tip” refers to the color of the bullet tip that indicates the presence of a steel core. While there are many different types of API ammunition, green tip ammunition is specifically designed for use in AR-15 rifles. 

Green tip ammunition was first introduced during World War II and was used extensively by American troops in Vietnam. The steel core allowed the bullets to penetrate enemy body armor and vehicles, making them highly effective in combat situations. However, the steel core also made the bullets much more likely to ricochet, which posed a danger to friendly troops. As a result, green tip ammunition was eventually phased out in favor of safer alternatives.

Why is Green Tip Ammunition So Popular?

In recent years, green tip ammunition has made a comeback among American shooters. The increased popularity is due in part to the rise of AR-15s as a popular choice for home defense and competition shooting. AR-15s are capable of penetrating most common types of body armor, making green tip ammunition an ideal choice for self-defense.


If you’re looking for a type of ammunition that can penetrate metal or armor, then green tip ammo is a good option to consider. While it does have some drawbacks (such as being more likely to ricochet), its benefits make it a popular choice among shooters today.

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