Installing a Trijicon RMR on Your Glock 19 MOS

In this video, you will learn how to install a Trijicon RMR on your Glock 19. This is a very simple process that only takes a few minutes. You will need some basic tools and supplies, which we will list for you. Make sure to follow all safety precautions when working with firearms. Thanks for watching!


What’s up guys? It’s Ryan with Caliber Armory. I’m gonna show you how to put on a Trijicon RMR on the Glock 19. And this is using the C & H Precisions V4 plate, I believe it is. This process isn’t as clear on the instructions. At least it wasn’t for me. So hopefully the video will help you speed it up if you’re doing this install.

Alright, so we’ve got the the Trijicon here.

Here’s the Glock 19. It’s already got the base plate just sitting on there. No screws.

Those are the screws for the the top piece, and that’s the screws for the plate. So what they recommend is VC three by Vibra-tite. And supposedly this stuff is a little bit better for. vibration, and I’ve seen a lot of good reviews on it, but this little bottle has a little brush in here and I’ve already done it, but you simply just want to brush a little bit onto these screws and then you wait about 15 minutes for it to dry.

And that’s the step I’m on now. These are already dry. Again, this is the Trijicon. We have the what is it, two zero CR 2 0 32 in here. And this actually I’ve already had this on. I just had to replace the battery after I believe three or four years. Figured I’d do this video real quick while I had it off.

All right. So one of the things you need . Is a torque screwdriver and these suckers are, we don’t have one can be a little bit hard to find locally. Eli was for me, but that was a few years ago. And they’re expensive. But I found this one at, or I think what I found is they don’t go to the right.

Pounds per inch that I needed Something, something like that made it difficult to find these. But I found this one. It’s Husky brand. At Home Depot. Next step is pretty easy, so this has adjustments on it. We’ve adjusted it to

10 pounds per inch or so,

and this is using a.

This is a T nine bit that I’m using.

I don’t know what I’m doing here.

All right, so it’s popped in there.

All right, so it sits real nicely on there once you get it on.

Okay. Get these screws on there.

And you’re just gonna turn it as much as you can since it’s already at the right torque .

Just screw it until

it clicks like that.

All right, so we got those screws in there. Plate is on. Nice. And solid . I had it just like this, the same way. A lot of people complain about these screws coming loose. And that’s actually why I ended up going with that aftermarket plate instead of the mos plate that came with the Glock, because supposedly it helps keep it on their better or something like that.

But I haven’t had any issue using this method, and I’ve shot quite a bit through it during that time.

All right, so with our battery, new battery now in there real easy, you’re just gonna pop that right on top. One thing they do recommend is putting witness marks and you can just take a marker pen and run across the screw and that way you know where the torque was. As you can see here, I do have a little bit of a, the blue.

I’m not too concerned about it, so I’m not gonna do that this time.

And then we’ll pop those screws in there and same process, just screw it onto the torque.

And these screws are very delicate. So be careful. I wouldn’t let it, I wouldn’t let it click. Like I did, cause you’re gonna end up stripping these and that’s it. That’s on there solid with the lock tight. You shouldn’t have any issues with that coming loose.

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