Squirrel Hunting for Beginners: Tips to Help You Get Started

Just because we’re going to a determined location doesn’t mean we want to make a bunch of noise getting to that location. Let’s just walk heel to toe and pick up our feet. What I like to do when I’m walking is scan the ground and bring my eyes back up constantly. Especially if you’re walking – stepping on a twig is like an alarm bell. So you want to watch out for that. About 50 yards that way is when I want to start. You take long strides and don’t drag your feet ever because that sounds like a big animal. That sounds like a predator.

Another good strategy: Don’t walk like a human. These smaller animals tend to make very similar noises to our foot footsteps, but instead it’s like 1, 2, 3, and then just stop, wait and listen and then take another two, and then another three, pause and continue. It seems like they’re more comfortable with that sort of sound because that’s a similar sound what they make.

I can’t overstate listening. Just because we’re shooting them long range with scopes, I don’t want to under state that I’ve heard them long before I’ve seen them many times and that has resulted in a kill. Even when my ears are freezing, I’m lifting my hat up.

If we have to speak, the quieter the better. If we see something it’s a good idea to have a hand signal. Any hand signals, really. A signal that says, ” Hey, I see something.” – meaning don’t talk and don’t move. We don’t want to be exposed in any type of way. , Other signals naturally include, “This is where I’m looking.” or “Stop.”

We should be constantly watching each other and constantly watching where we step. When it’s time, every movement- I mean, head swivels, your eyes moving around- can create noticeable movement. If you have to move around just do it as slow as possible. Stealth is the name of the game.

If you do all these things, you’d be surprised how close they come to you without noticing you.

The difference between squirrels in the woods who are not used to people and your neighborhood squirrel is astonishing. You come out here expecting to see squirrels everywhere and you could go half a day without seeing one, even if you are being quiet, because they just want nothing to do with you. They see you as a major threat.

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